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Attendance Tiers

The Year-to-date Attendance Tiers pyramid displays on your dashboard:

You can customize the tier levels. Contact PowerSchool Support to customize the levels.





Students missing 0-4.9% of school days on average.

Satisfactory (Green)


Students missing 5-9.9% of school days on average.

At Risk (Yellow)


Students missing 10-19.9% of school days on average.

Moderate Chronic Absence (Orange)


Students missing 20%+ of school days on average.

Severe Chronic Absence (Red)

The pyramid chart includes absenteeism data from beginning of the current year to the previous day. The chart updates every night. You can download a Tiers report to review the list of students in your school by their average tier.

How are Tiers Calculated?

The student's tier calculates by averaging the total number of days absent across all courses. There are Period and Attendance Tiers reports available:

  • Select Students' average daily attendance tier on the Daily Attendance Reports tab.

  • Select Students' average attendance tier on the Period Attendance Reports tab.

Review Student-Level Data

You can review student tier data in two ways:

  • From the main menu, select Attendance Insights in the Attendance section. Choose the school, and then select the student.

  • Enter the student’s name in the search bar, and then select the student.

On the student page, review attendance tier level by course.

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