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Contact Cleanup

The Contact Cleanup page displays a list of student contacts who cannot be contacted by text message. It includes SMS status codes that help you identify if a parent contact’s number is inactive or disconnected.

It is recommended to update your main system of record with updated contact information. When data updates in your student information system, it syncs with Attendance Intervention Suite within 24 hours. The next mass message you send adds or removes contacts from the Contact Clean Up list as they are updated and validated.

SMS Status Codes

Codes in yellow text indicate a number may not be able to receive your message:

  • Landline - The number is a landline and cannot receive a text message, but the message may send as an autocall.

  • Turned Off - The device is off and the messages will deliver when the phone is turned on again. 

  • Unconfirmed - The message has not yet arrived at the recipient’s phone number and the carrier was not able to determine if the message failed or is pending for later delivery. 

Codes in red text indicate a number is no longer valid for messaging:

  • Blocked - The contact or phone carrier is blocking messages.

  • Inactive - The phone number is no longer in service with the carrier, or the contact changed their number.

  • Opt-Out - The contact opted out of receiving text messages.

Manage the Cleanup List

Use the list to review and update contact information:

  1. From the main menu, select Contact clean up in the Messaging section.

  2. Use the filters to display contacts by student name, grade level, SMS status, or teacher.

  3. Click Download List if you want to receive a report via email.

  4. To update a contact, click the student’s name on the contact record to open the Student page.

  5. Click the Contact Info tab.

  6. Update the contact information as needed:

    • Update the contact phone number.

    • Change the contact method.

    • Remove a contact.

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