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Digital Attendance Postcards

Send personalized messages to family contacts via text message or email including digital attendance postcards that use data analytics to automate interventions.

  • Send messages to targeted groups you can choose.

  • Create custom messages or use message templates.

  • Use template tags to personalize your messages for each student.

  • Review parent responses in your Kinbox.

Students in Tier 2 require targeted interventions.

Target Group

You must select a group of students whose families you want to send the digital postcard. You can select all students, search for students, or use other criteria to create groups:

  • Select the field by Name to select all students.

  • Select the field by a student’s name to select individual or multiple students.

Send Digital Attendance Postcards to Parents

  1. From the main menu, select Attendance Insights.

  2. Select Daily.

  3. Enter the date range to retrieve attendance data:

    • Select School Year for the entire school year.

    • Select Custom to enter a custom date range.

  4. Choose the criteria to send the digital postcard. You can customize selections by the following criteria:

    • Grade Level

    • Daily Tier Level

    • All Absences

    • Excused Absences

    • Unexcused Absences

    • Consecutive Absences

    • Days Present Rate

  5. Select the students whose families should receive the digital postcard. You can select all students or individual students.

  6. Select Send Message, then choose To Parents. For personalized messages, use the following formats:

    • Student’s first name - {{student}}

    • Total number of days a student was absent - {{total_absences}}

  7. Click Select Template and choose the message text.

  8. Click Attach PDF attendance postcard and choose the postcard to attach.

  9. Click Send.

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