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Real-Time Notifications

Administrators can receive real-time email notifications per course with data about students marked as absent from a course.

Set up Real-Time Notifications

  1. From the main menu, select Settings in the Manage Account section.

  2. In the Email Notifications section, select List of students who are marked absent from (skip) courses throughout the day.

  3. Verify the email is correct. Click the email address if you want to enter a different one.

 Email Notification Rules 

  1. You will always receive an email notification for the first period of the day that attendance is recorded. This is typically Period 1, but if attendance is not recorded for Period 1, you will receive an email with the full list of students marked as absent for the next earliest period, for example, Period 2 or 3. This list includes all students marked absent so you can know who was absent from the start of the school day.

  2. Following the initial email, all subsequent emails send if the course attendance record includes a student who skipped the previous course. For example, if a student was present in Period 1 and is marked absent from Period 2, you will receive an email notification for Period 2 attendance to inform you that a student has skipped a course. This email also specifies if students were absent from Period 1 and then again from Period 2. It also specifies if there were students absent from Period 2 but were not enrolled in a course prior; as we know, some students do not have a course associated with their roster for every period.

  3. You can always click on a student's name to access additional, real-time attendance data from the student's profile. This data is only as accurate as your teacher’s ability to input the data.

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