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Schedule a Message

You can schedule messages one time or recurring:

  1. Follow the procedure for composing a message.

  2. Click Schedule. You must choose the recipients and enter a message to enable this field.

  3. To schedule the message for one time, choose Once.

    1. Select the date and time to send the message.

    2. Click Save.

  4. To schedule the message for multiple times, choose Recurring.

    1. Select the days to send the message.

    2. Select the Start on date and time.

    3. Select the Stop on date.

    4. Click Save.

Manage Scheduled Messages

  1. From the main menu, select Kinbox in the Messaging section.

  2. Choose the Scheduled message to review:

    • Click the edit icon to review the scheduled message and update the recipients, message, or schedule. Then, click Save.

    • Click the trash icon to delete the scheduled message.

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