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In the 24.3 Release ContentNav improved its subscription process, updated terminology to be consistent, enforced file-size requirements, and improved several areas of the Library user experience.




ContentNav Library Portal (Partners and Administrators)

Improvements were made to the Catalog Subscription process making it easier to subscribe and approve subscription requests.

  • Catalog Admins now receive automated emails when a tenant requests a subscription to their catalog.

  • Automated the approval of Open and Sample Catalogs.

Several challenges related to creating and managing content both in bulk and individually were resolved in this release.

Manually-created content:

  • Manually-created content is now visible to Library users when it has been created as part of a Subscribed Catalog.

  • Removed the uniqueness constraint on URLs for materials created by an individual user.

  • The Edit Materials page was updated to follow PowerSchool design patterns.

  • Updated labels to consistently use “Materials” and “Playlists” throughout most of the application (replacing deprecated terms: “Resource” and “Collection”).

Bulk-content ingestion:

  • Resolved an issue with record counts during bulk ingestion.

  • The Delete operation is now functional when managing bulk content via API and CSV.

  • Increased video file size limit to 1GB

ContentNav Admin Portal

(Partners and Administrators)

Within the Admin Portal, users can update the Attribute values for consistency in both the Library filter and on resource cards. Tools can be properly associated to Catalogs.

  • When an Admin user updates a field name in Attribute Settings, that name change now appears both in the filter menu and on the Cards in the Material Library

  • Updated Attribute Settings- Content Source default labels to use “External Content” in lieu of “External Resources” for consistency

  • When creating a Catalog, a Tool can now be applied to the catalog and properly saved.

ContentNav Library

When searching for content within the Library, several improvements were made to reduce bouncing behaviors and dual scrolling, to have consistent naming conventions, and to ensure users can access materials within catalogs.

  • When hovering over a Content card in the Library, the user no longer sees ‘bouncing’ behaviors or duplicate scroll bars.

  • Updated labels to consistently use “Materials” and “Playlists” throughout most of the application (replacing deprecated terms: “Resource” and “Collection”).

  • Resolved issue with the visibility of manually-created content within a Subscribed Catalog.

When creating and managing materials, users can now use URLs which are associated to other users' materials and upload videos up to 1GB. Materials within a subscribed catalog can be added to playlists. And the create and edit Materials experiences have been improved.

  • Removed the uniqueness constraint on individual materials created by a user.

  • Increased video file size limit to 1GB

  • Updated the navigation path when Creating Content. Clicking ‘Save’ now directs the user to the Library, instead of the Edit Materials modal.

  • Materials which are part of an approved subscription can now be added to Playlists.

  • The Edit Materials page was updated to follow PowerSchool design patterns.

The Preview experience was updated for better visibility and consistent behavior.

  • When previewing a material in Schoology, the material-type icon no longer covers part of the title.

  • The ‘Share link URL’ display for a material in the CN Library is now consistent with the Preview experience when launched from another window. However, the “Share Link” option is hidden when CN is accessed via Schoology.

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