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Add Content

Partner content can either be created within ContentNav, or it can be uploaded. Content can be uploaded via CSV or added through an API.

Upload Content via CSV

From the Catalog tab:

  1. Click My Content from the Search menu.

  2. Click the Create menu, and select Bulk Upload.

  3. Click Browse, and select the file you want to upload.

  4. Click Upload.

You can also access a list of previous uploads from this page. Each upload will display the:

  • File Name

  • Uploaded Date

  • Resource Counts

  • Processed Counts

  • Error Counts

  • Status

Click on the Error Counts cell to access a list of reasons why an upload failed.

Add Content via API

Contact your PowerSchool representative to establish your API connection and begin adding content via API. To access a list of API requests; from the Catalog tab, click the Create menu and select API.

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