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Create Content

Each Partner has the ability to create one or more content Catalogs. Catalogs are groupings of content that the Partner manages from the Content Registry section within the Learning Registry tab. Customers can subscribe to the different catalogs provided by each partner, and can then assign content to their schools and students.

To create a new Catalog:

  1. Select the Learning Registry tab.

  2. From the Content Registry, click + New Content.

  3. Fill in the fields of the New Content form to describe the type of grouping you are creating for your catalog.

  4. Click Add to save.

The Product ID is used to index your content. This number will be passed back to PowerSchool to place it in your desired location.

Add Content to a Catalog

Content is added to a Catalog through the Library Admin. After you have logged into your Library Admin app, click on the Catalog tab in the navigation bar. Content can be created within ContentNav, or it can be uploaded.

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