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Enable ContentNav in Schoology

ContentNav is an app that can be added to Schoology so that teachers and students can access high-quality, pre-approved content for every type of learner at all grade levels in academics, social and emotional learning, and more. ContentNav helps teachers personalize the student learning experience and gain access to a complete library of district-approved, standards-aligned instructional content without having to leave Schoology.

Install the ContentNav LTI App

To enable ContentNav in your Schoology environment, you will need to install the LTI App.

  1. From your Schoology District Admin account, navigate to the App Center.

  2. Browse the App Center for ContentNav, and then select Install LTI 1.3 App.

  3. Continue through the approvals, and then click Add to Organization.

Configure the ContentNav App

After you have installed the ContentNav LTI App, you will need to configure it.

  1. Select Install/Remove.

  2. Select All Users and then clear Parent and Student.

  3. Select All Courses. The Course admins only option should remain clear.

  4. Select All Groups. The Group admins only option should remain clear.

  5. Click Submit.

Users can access ContentNav from the Resources tab, and from their Courses by clicking Add Materials.

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