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Student Access Code

A Student Access Code is a unique code generated for each student. It is not a password, and it cannot be used by anyone else. You will need your Student Access Code when setting up your Chalk Student account.

If you are a guardian, you will need your child’s Student Access Code when setting up your Guardian account, adding a child to your account, or verifying access to an existing child’s account. If you have multiple children, they will each receive a unique Student Access Code from their school.

How do I get my code?

Either the school or teacher will provide you or your child with a printout of your unique Student Access Code.

If you have not received your Access Code printout, or have misplaced it, contact your school's administration as soon as possible to grant you access to your account. 

PowerSchool cannot provide you with a Student Access Code as these are handled by school administration to protect student information. 
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