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Add standards to lesson plan

  1. In the lesson planner, select the lesson you are working on and choose Standards.
  2. If you have not yet added standards to this class, select Browse Standards to search our database; otherwise, skip to the next step.
    1. Search for your standards.


      • All sets uploaded by Curriculum and Instruction are formatted as follows:
        (state/province/common core)  -  grade #  -  subject

        For example, if you're looking for the National Math Common Core standards for grade 2, you should search:
        "National Common Core - Grade 2 - Mathematics"

      • Use filters to help narrow your search by country, region, subject, or grade level.
      • Subject and grade filters are unavailable until you select a country and region. Type in the filters to help you find options.
      • Once you have set your filters, results for all of the available standards that match the filters and search terms entered display.
      • Filters are saved for the next time you browse for standards. If you teach a particular subject or grade level, setting your filters can save you time when you need to add standards to other classes.
      • If you have difficulty finding standards, try editing your search terms or clearing your filters.
    2. Choose the standard and click Select.
  3. On the Add Standards page, click on the standard's title to expand the appropriate standard set.
  4. From the list of standard codes, click the Plus + button for the standard you want to assign to the lesson. You can search by code or keyword using the built-in search bar.
  5. Review the selected standards. To remove a standard, click the X for the standard.
  6. Click Save

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