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Archive or Restore a Teacher's Section

Archive a Teacher's Section

If a teacher is unable to teach their section, you can archive their section. Archiving a teacher’s section within a classlist makes all the sections linked to the teacher invisible to teachers, students, and guardians.

  1. Select the classlist in which the teacher’s section is linked.
  2. Click Manage Teachers.
  3. Click Archive Section for the teacher of the section you want to archive.
  4. Review the warning tags and indicate that you have read them. Once you have indicated that you have read all warnings, select Yes, Archive

Restore a Teacher’s Section

  1. Select the classlist in which you previously archived the teacher.
  2. Turn on the View Archived option.
  3. Click Manage Teachers.
  4. Click Restore Section for the teacher of the section you want to restore.
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