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Archive Overview

Archiving is the process of moving data into a separate, hidden area. It is an efficient way of keeping data up-to-date and organized without the permanence of deleting content. In this case, archiving a student, a teacher's section, or a classlist implies that it will no longer be visible to teachers, students, and guardians. Only admins have the ability to archive, restore, and delete data.

Archiving is good for storing data that you no longer need to see on a daily basis but want to keep for a period of time. This could be useful for class list changes, students that may be moving during the school year or semester, or teachers taking leave. 

Additionally, admins have the ability to restore anything that has been previously archived. Restoring will take the content out of the archive and make it visible to teachers, students, and guardians.

Archiving and deleting are not the same. You can restore anything you have archived. Anything deleted, however, is permanently removed and cannot be restored. Only use the delete option when absolutely necessary.

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