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Curriculum Roles

Assigning roles within a school or district can ensure content is not published or deleted without sufficient review.

Users can be assigned three roles within Curriculum:

  • Publisher
  • Creator
  • Viewer

Curriculum Publisher

  • The Publisher can edit map content, create new maps or drafts, and publish, archive, and restore archived maps.
  • Recommended for administrators or subject area experts involved in the review and publishing process.

Curriculum Creator

  • The Creator can edit map content and create new maps or drafts but cannot publish, archive, or restore archived maps.
  • Recommended for subject area experts and teachers actively involved in the curriculum development process.

Curriculum Viewer

  • The Viewer can only view content in published curriculum maps. It does not allow users to create/edit maps or enter drafts.
  • Recommended for teachers who are not actively involved in the curriculum development process but will access and utilize the curriculum content.
Identifying these roles within your organization is essential as it allows for improved organization, review processes, and accessibility.

Refer to Manage Institutional Accounts for more information on how to set user roles as the institution admin for the Curriculum solution.

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