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Customize Individual Day's Schedule

Every once in a while, your schedule will need to change for just one day, such as for half days, field trips or exam schedules. This article will show you how to create a custom schedule for an individual day.

  1. You may edit an individual day's schedule from both Day and Week Planners.
    1. From Day Planner, click the arrow icon for the date and select Edit Schedule.
    2. From the Week Planner, click the arrow icon for the date you want to edit and select Edit Schedule.
  2. Make the needed edits.
    1. You can edit the sections that already exist on this day. The two vertical white lines at the bottom of each section will allow you to drag the section to be longer or shorter.
    2. The X will remove the section completely.
    3. You may also click the center of the block to drag it to another time completely.
    4. You may also insert a class that is not usually scheduled using the Insert feature. Alternatively, you can insert a class by clicking and dragging a box on the timetable to select a class to add.
      1. Click Insert and select the Class or Block you want to insert.
    5. If you need to switch a scheduled class to a different class in your semester, you can click directly on the block on the timetable and select the class you would like to replace it with from the drop-down menu.
  3. At the end of editing your schedule for the day, select the Save button.

You will now see the word Custom beside the date you've edited rather than the regular rotation day. 

You can remove the custom schedule by opening the day's menu again and clicking Reset Schedule. If you have multiple rotation days, you will be prompted to select which rotation day should replace your custom schedule.

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