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Customize Weighting and Categories for a Class

Use this section to customize weighting and categories that assist to keep the marking organized and coherent.

Customize a Category

  1. From the Gradebook menu, select Settings, and then select Class Grading.
  2. Click the Grade drop-down menu to select the class.
    All classes by default start with the following categories. You can see each of these categories in a list with a visualized version of these categories in a pie chart.

    • Homework
    • Quiz
    • Test
    • Assignment
    • Formative
  3. Adjust the name or weight of each category by clicking on it and typing.
    Wait a moment for the pie chart to automatically update when it saves.

  4. Click the Add Category button to create additional categories.

Delete a Category

Click the X (Delete) icon next to each category weight to delete that category.

After a category is deleted, it cannot be recovered. You must specify what category assessments created in this one will be migrated to.

For example: if you delete the Assignment category, you must migrate all existing assessments in that category to one of the other categories for this class (that is, Homework).

Each class must have at least one category.

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