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Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson plan templates give teachers a starting point when organizing lessons. As an administrator, you can create templates that are accessible to all teachers in the institution.

Create a Lesson Plan Template

  1. From the Admin menu, select Organization Settings.
  2. If you want to create a lesson template for your institution, choose Lesson Templates. If you want to create a lesson template for a particular school or group, navigate to that school or group from within Admin and choose Lesson Templates.
  3. Click Add Template.
  4. Enter your template information and click Save.

    Add a title to your lesson plan template so that teachers can easily identify the template.

Use the Templates for Lessons in the Planner

All templates created in Admin are available to accounts within that institution. Templates created within a school or group are only available to accounts that are associated with the school or group.

  1. To open a template, navigate to the Lessons menu and select Templates.
  2. From Templates, you can View the template and Assign it to subjects. 

Templates created by an Admin cannot be edited by individual accounts from the lesson planner. To edit the template, staff members can copy the template from the View page and paste it into a new template. 

Teachers can create their own templates and assign templates in their planner to a single class.

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