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Review Previous Semester's Lessons

When viewing your content for a past semester, you have three options: from the Semesters page, the Unit Planner, and the Day/Week Planners.

From the Semesters Page

  1. From the Lessons menu, choose Semesters.
  2. Move the pointer over your previous semesters to display the available options.
  3. Click the blue Planner button to be taken to the first week of lessons for that semester. You can now use the day/week view to navigate to surrounding lessons.

From the Unit Planner

  1. From the Lessons menu, choose Unit Planner.
  2. Select which semester's lessons you want to view.
  3. Select a class.

Now, you will see a list of all the lessons for that class for the previous semester. 

From the Day/Week Planners

From the day or week planners, navigate to the past dates of that semester. For example, if your Year 1 semester was in 2021 and it is currently 2022, navigate to a day/week in 2021 to display your old lessons.

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