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Review Teachers' Lesson Pacing

This is part of our Curriculum & Instruction solution for users with Admin permissions. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

To review lesson pacing, navigate to a curriculum map and choose Insights.

Within the teachers’ pacing calendar, you can review how teachers are pacing with the content in their lesson planners, including:

  • Teacher's name

  • The class that they are teaching 

  • Pacing calendar for a given school year

  • Lesson plan indicator

Lesson Plan Indicators

The lesson plan indicators give you an insight into what the teacher's planner looks like.

  • Opaque Grey Ring: Empty lesson plan.

  • Opaque Coloured Ring: A unit has been tagged on an empty lesson plan.

  • Incomplete Coloured Ring: The teacher has done any of the following on the lesson plan:

    • Edited the lesson content

    • Imported a unit content into the lesson from the curriculum map

    • Attached standards or learning targets to the lesson

  • Complete Coloured Ring: The teacher has done all of the above.

To get a more detailed description, move your pointer over the lesson plan indicator.

Review Lesson Plan Content

You must have permissions set to view teachers’ lesson plans.

To review a teacher's lesson plan, select the lesson plan indicator.

From the lesson plan view, you can:

  • Leave direct feedback for the teacher about the lesson

  • View information details about the lesson plan

Filter the Pacing Calendar by Teachers or Units

You can filter the teacher pacing calendar by the following:

  1. Schools (You cannot access this if you are only using Curriculum & Instruction within a single building.)

  2. Groups (You cannot access this if no groups are set up.)

  3. Teachers

  4. Units

Selecting or deselecting any of the options will show or hide related information in the standards coverage view.

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