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Save Multiple Lessons to PDF

  1. From the Lessons menu, choose Week Planner.
  2. On the Planner page, use the calendar to select the week you want to save, then click Share and choose Print/PDF.
  3. On the Sharing Week page, select the class you want to print from the Classes to Print field.
    1. If you select the All option, the PDF will include all lessons planned during that week. You will have the option to display the lessons in a table Week Summary format similar to the Week View or the Day by Day option, which will print the lessons similar to the Day PDF format, one day after another.
    2. If you select just one class, you will have the option to select specific dates that you would like to include.
  4. As needed, edit the display options for the PDF. These include:
    • Margins (size)
    • Standards (Whether you'd like to include the full description or only the title of the code)
    • Orientation (Portrait or Landscape)
    • Include Sticky Note (yes or no?)
    • Whether to remember these settings for next time
    • Review the sample preview and click Create PDF.
  5. Click Create PDF.
If you receive a "Failed to load PDF document" error, it means the requested file is too large to generate. PowerSchool recommends breaking the time frame up into smaller pieces and generating multiple PDF files.
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