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Search and Add Standard Sets to Curriculum Map

This is part of our Curriculum Solution. You will not have this option if you are a free user.

Curriculum maps allow you to add standards to assign and attach to units. This article will help you search and add standards to the map you are creating.

  1. Open the curriculum map and click the Options button. Then click Settings.

  2. On the Curriculum Map Settings dialog, click the Add Standards button.

  3. At the prompt, search for standards:

    • All sets uploaded by Curriculum & Instruction are formatted as follows:
      (state/province/common core)  -  grade #  -  subject 
      For example, if you're looking for the National Math Common Core standards for second grade, search for: "National Common Core - Grade 2 - Mathematics"

    • Use filters to help narrow your search by country, region, subject, or grade level.

    • Subject and grade filters will not be available until you select a country and region. You can type in the filters to help find options.

    • Once you set the desired filters, you can review results for all of the available standards that match the filters and search terms entered.

    • These filters will be remembered the next time you browse for standards. Setting your filters can save you time when you need to add standards to other maps.

    • If you have difficulty finding standards, try editing your search terms or clearing your filters.

  4. When you've found the standards you're looking for, click on the title of the standards and then click Select.

Once you have added standard sets to your map, you can add standard sets to individual units.

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