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Set Rotation Schedule

Your rotation schedule is the number of days your timetable is and how long it takes to repeat itself. For example:

  • if you have the same thing every day, you have a Daily rotation schedule
  • An A/B rotation would be a 2 Days rotation schedule
  • If you have a class every Wednesday while the rest of your schedule is the same every day, you have a Weekly rotation schedule
  • Some schools have four-, five-, or even six-day rotations. 

Set Rotation

  1. Click the Change Rotation button on the Timetable page.
  2. Adjust your rotation schedule.
    • Adjusting your Rotation Schedule will impact how many days are shown in the main area on the Timetable page. You can change the number of rotation days/weeks with a preview of how this schedule would appear in your planner. Click the plus or minus buttons next to the number of days to add or remove rotation days, or click on I need a multi-week rotation to add multiple weeks.
    • If you have the Off-days affect rotation enabled, your rotation will shift forward due to scheduled off-days in your semester.
  3. Click Continue to apply your changes.
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