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Track Standards Usage

With standards tracking, you can easily gauge progress and how standards are being used in your lesson plans and assessments

  1. From the Lessons menu, choose Standards.
  2. On the Standards page, you can review the progress of each standard. Click the expand icon on the class list to select a class.
  3. If you have more than one set of standards assigned to a class, select which set you want to see progress for.

Each class has a progress bar tracking how many standards you have covered. 

In the standards list, standards that have been covered in at least one lesson or assessment are marked with a checkmark. To view more details, choose the standard.

  • When you open a check-marked standard, you can review all the lessons and assessments it has been assigned to. Choose a lesson to navigate to that date in the Planner or an assessment to navigate to the assessment in the Gradebook.
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