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View Lessons Offline

This article will teach you how to view your lessons offline within the Planboard mobile app.

You won’t be able to view attachments, embedded content (such as videos and images), or make changes to your lessons until you have an internet connection.
  1. While you’re connected to the internet, navigate to the Planner tab from the main menu.
  2. Navigate to the days you want to view offline by swiping left and right or using the date picker. Any day you load while online will automatically be available offline, including all the lessons on that day.
    You can confirm the day is available offline by checking the cloud icon in the toolbar. If the icon displays with a checkmark, you can view that day offline.

  3. When offline, open the app and navigate to the planner just like you would when online. Every day you have saved while online will be available. You can view your lessons and any standards attached to them while offline.

Days are saved offline in the state that you last viewed them in. If you save a day for offline use and then later make changes on another device, such as your computer, you will need to load the day in the app again to ensure it has the latest changes.

To view more information about a day that is saved offline, tap the cloud icon in the toolbar. This will tell you when the lessons for that day were last updated.

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