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API Key Management

Managing Users with Generated API Keys

System Admins can locate which users have generated API Keys by navigating to the API Key column from the Manage Users tab within the User Management page.

  • No, indicates that the user has not generated an API Key.
  • Yes, indicates that an API Key is generated, and a date stamp will display to denote when the key was created.

Admins can directly contact users with a Yes in the API Key column to request that it be revoked if necessary.

Admins cannot see what API Key was generated, just that there is one.

See the User Management: Permissions (Enterprise) page for information on API Permissions.

Revoking an API Key

Users can revoke their API Key by navigating to either:

  • The API tab on the Integrations page within School Management

From the Manage API Credentials section:

  1. Click Revoke API Key.
  2. Click Confirm to delete your API Key.
    • Click Cancel to navigate back to the Manage API Credentials section without deleting your API Key.
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