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Course Materials: Assessments (Students)

Assessments are a type of graded material used by instructors to evaluate their students' comprehension and readiness. Students can access their assessments from anywhere they can access other graded materials:

  • The Materials list on the main Course page
  • The Upcoming feed
  • The Calendar
  • The Notifications feed

To take an assessment from your browser:

  1. Click the name of the assessment.
  2. Click Start Attempt.
  3. Answer the questions appropriately.
  4. Click Review to review your answers.
  5. Click Finish when you have completely reviewed your answers.
  6. Click Yes to submit your assessment attempt. Click No if you need to continue a review of your attempt.

You can only have one attempt in progress at a time.

Taking the Assessment

Click the question numbers to navigate the assessment. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard tab and arrow keys.

Use the question numbers to navigate the assessment.

Depending on the type of question, different actions are available to you when answering them:

  • Button selector: Multiple choice and true or false questions, for example.
  • Drag and drop: Ordering, matching, and label image questions, for example.
  • Drawing tool: Highlight image questions, for example.
  • Math keyboards: Math short answer questions, for example.
  • Rich text editor: Short answer and essay questions, for example. Your teacher will enable certain formatting options and tools here. If you wish to insert an image, be sure to use the Image tool as you cannot copy and paste images.

You may also complete each of these functions with the keyboard Tab, Arrow, and Enter keys.

Assessments may be timed or allow multiple submissions. The particular settings of each assessment will vary depending on the instructor and the course.

As you answer questions, your work is saved automatically. Submit your completed attempts from the review screen. You can open the review screen at any time:

  • Click the Review icon.
  • Click Review from the last question in the assessment.

You can also enable additional accessibility features from the Accessibility icon including changing the color contrast or font size of the assessment. Additionally, click the Full Screen icon to display the assessment in full-screen mode.

Flag any questions for review with the Flag tool. Click the Flag icon within any question to add it to the flagged list. Click the flag icon again to remove a flag from a question. You can access all flagged questions from the Review screen with the Flagged box checked:

Access flagged questions from the Review screen.

Use the Eliminate Choices tool to rule out incorrect answers and help determine the correct one. Click the Eliminate Choices icon, and click any answer choice you want to eliminate.

Use the Protractor tool to populate a digital protractor on the screen while attempting the assessment.

Use the Notepad tool to take notes during an assessment:

Click the rubric icon and link to display the rubric assigned for subjective questions.

Click the rubric icon to access the assigned rubric for subjective questions

Viewing Grades and Submissions

After you have completed the assessment, you can access grades for assessments without subjective questions (Short Answer or Essay type questions) in the Grades area.

Additionally, you can access your submissions from the assessments page. If your instructor has allowed for multiple attempts, the number of submitted and remaining attempts is displayed when you click into the assessment. For example, if you are allowed three attempts and you have already completed one attempt, you will see the following message: You have made 1 of 3 attempts. You have 2 remaining.

Access your Assessment grade and additional attempts.

The Previous Attempts table displays any previously submitted assessments with the following information:

  • Attempt: The number of the attempts, starting with the most recently attempted assessment.
  • Status: Attempts will be In Progress or Submitted.
  • Time Spent: Length of time you spent on the attempt.
  • Last Modified: The timestamp for the most recent time you made changes to the attempt, including month and day, year, and time. This can be helpful when an attempt is resumable and you want to access the last time you worked on it.
  • Action: If your instructor has enabled the permission to access submissions, click View to open a completed attempt, or Resume to open and continue taking an assessment in progress. Currently, all In Progress assessment attempts are resumable.

The submissions page displays the points earned over the number of points possible for each question, as well as the total points earned for the assessment.

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