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Course Materials: Media Albums (Students)

Media albums can contain photos, videos, and/or audio files. With your instructor's permission, you may comment on each item within the album or even upload your own files. Your instructor can also tag you and your classmates in specific photos. Tagged photos of you will appear on your profile page.

Add Media 

After a media album has been created by your instructor and depending on your user permissions, you can add files by clicking Add Media from the album. 

Edit Media 

To alter your file, click the file from the album page. Depending on the type of file and your user permissions, you will have a number of options available to you. 

Students can edit their media file after uploading.

Click Edit Caption to add or change your caption. Click the gear icon to Delete the file. Click the square icon to crop your photo and the arrows to undo or redo. You may also be able to Tag this photo. 

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