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District Mastery and the Standards-Based Gradebook

The District Mastery solution within Schoology is designed for districts that:

  • Have a centralized model for defining and managing what standards, learning objectives, and competencies are taught in their classrooms.
  • Are looking for a way to standardize grading practices across their district.

    There are some important caveats to keep in mind when using the Standards-Based Gradebook, due to how the new solution interacts with existing features like AMP and the current Mastery tool. At this time, the District Mastery solution must be enabled for your school or district by Schoology.

Districts looking to take advantage of this solution can be at any phase of their standards-based grading or mastery rollout. District Mastery is currently an opt-in feature that a district can choose to roll out to a select group of buildings or to the district as a whole.

District Mastery is not supported in courses containing more than 10,000 members.

Getting Started

One of the primary challenges witnessed in working with districts is a lack of consistency between classrooms in how mastery is being implemented, assessed, and tracked. Ultimately, this can lead to a lot of data on a single student that is disjointed from year to year and results that are very class-specific.

Students and parents need to learn a new method of tracking success each year, and teachers have no visibility into the current mastery levels of their new students at the start of a year. For administrators, this type of tracking makes it difficult to keep track of what is going on across the district.

In response to these common pitfalls, the Schoology District Mastery solution ensures that:

  • Your entire district will share one library of learning objectives.
  • All learning objectives must have the same number of organizational levels, or parent objectives, across the district.
  • Your entire district will share one mastery scale and calculation method.

Otherwise, how your district decides to organize your learning objective hierarchy and your mastery scale is completely customizable.

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