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District Mastery Settings (System Admins)

One of the core ideas behind the district mastery solution is the importance of consistency. This consistency across sections in your district will help with reporting down the road. For this reason, there are three additional settings that need to be configured for your buildings using district mastery. These settings will be applied to all course sections where Learning Objectives from your District Mastery Library are being used.

Mastery Grading Scale

Select the scale you created in the Grading Scales tab or the default Schoology scale. This scale will automatically be applied to all materials aligned to a district objective.

Mastery Grade Display Settings

Select the grading and gradebook view options to determine what teachers will view in their gradebook and grading workflows. Choose from Grade, Calculated Score, Description, or all three. You may also choose to display the features in the Standards-Based Gradebook, Student Mastery Gradebook, or both.

Mastery Grading Settings

Calculation Method

  1. Decaying Average - Displays a score using a variable called the decay rate to determine the relative weight of the student's more recent scores versus earlier scores. This is the default calculation method used in Schoology's Mastery Settings, set at a decay rate of 75%.

  2. Average - Displays the average score from all grades for that particular alignment

  3. Highest - Displays the highest of all grades for that particular alignment

The calculation method selected here will be applied to the calculation of observation scores into the Learning Objective score. Higher-level calculations for parent objectives will use the average calculation method.

Number of Observations

If your district has a policy for the minimum number of observations required before an objective score is calculated, this is where you would specify this value.

Different teachers may consider different values to be the minimum. Use this space for the district minimum. Teachers can always choose to assess a skill a greater number of times than the number set here.

Once you have selected all your desired settings, click Save Changes. You can come back at any point to make changes. However, keep in mind that changes made after grades have been populated in the gradebook may affect scores.

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