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eSchoolPlus App: Teacher Guide (Enterprise)

The eSchoolPlus course-level app allows teachers to launch the app from within a course, and sync graded items and grades from Schoology to eSchool. It lets teachers configure eSchoolPlus grade settings to ensure that grade calculations match between both platforms.


The System Admin can install the app for all courses in the school. Once installed, the teachers can configure and sync the app in their individual courses.

To install the app, System Admins can navigate to the App Center from the icon at the top of Schoology.

From the App Center:

  1. Click on the School Apps area at the top of the page.
  2. Click Install/Remove to the right of the eSchoolPlus app.
  3. Check the box to install the app to All Courses. We also recommend that you check the box to make the app available to Course Admins Only.
  4. Submit the form to complete.

Once the form is saved, all courses in your schools mapped to eSchoolPlus will have the eSchoolPlus app in the left menu of the course profile.


In the Configuration tab, Course Admins map grading categories from eSchoolPlus to Schoology. The configuration tab of the eSchoolPlus app in your Schoology course acts as the master grade setup area that can ensure grade calculations in both systems are the same.

To set up the sync between your eSchoolPlus gradebook and Schoology gradebook:

  1. Open your eSchoolPlus Gradebook Setup. From the Categories tab, choose a calculation method and a scale from the drop-down menu.

    • If you select Calculate average using total points in your eSchoolPlus Gradebook Setup, you will not be able to weight your eSchoolPlus categories or your Schoology categories.
    • If you leave this box unchecked, you can weight your eSchoolPlus categories, and these weights will automatically update in your Schoology eSchoolPlus Configuration screen, as well.
  2. Save the changes to your eSchoolPlus Gradebook.
  3. In Schoology, navigate to your course and click the eSchoolPlus tab on the left-hand side of your course to open the app.
  4. Click the Configuration tab.
  5. Click the Refresh Data icon under eSchoolPlus Building Categories to populate any eSchoolPlus course categories in the eSchoolPlus teacher app.

    Refresh category data any time a new category is created in eSchoolPlus that you wish to sync over to your Schoology course.

  6. To sync over eSchoolPlus categories into Schoology, click +Include Category and then select (Create New Schoology Category) from the Schoology Course Categories drop-down menu.

6. Click Save Configuration.

Once you click Save Configuration, your grading categories (and weights, if applicable) from eSchoolPlus are brought over to Schoology. You can navigate to Gradebook and then Grade Setup in your Schoology Course to confirm that your Schoology Grading Categories match your eSchoolPlus Grading Categories.

Once set up, we strongly advise teachers to only use the Schoology eSchoolPlus app to manage grade settings for both systems to ensure that grade calculations calculate properly.

If you make any changes to your eSchoolPlus Gradebook Setup, you need to also open your eSchoolPlus app in your Schoology course, click Configuration, and click Save Configuration to see those changes updated in Schoology.

Additionally, all changes made to students' grades and to settings on materials should be made from within Schoology.

Do not make any changes to assignment information or grades in eSchoolPlus. A change made in eSchool–like changing the factor, whether it is published or unpublished, changing the title name, or entering a grade directly in the eSchoolPlus Gradebook–will break the sync between eSchoolPlus and Schoology for that item.

This Schoology eSchoolPlus course app enables the syncing of graded items, grades, and grading categories from Schoology to eSchool. The System Admin creates and provisions the section itself in the Schoology eSchoolPlus app, so the system-level sync will override any changes you make to the section name in Schoology.

Sync Grades

Teachers can use the Sync Grades tab to manually sync items from Schoology to eSchoolPlus.

What happens if I enter an exception (Excused or Incomplete) into my Schoology gradebook?

In Schoology, you may also place an Excused or Incomplete placeholder in a grade cell. These icons are marked in green and in red. They do not add value to the student's grades but act as empty grade cells.

These exception icons are visual indicators only. They do not affect the calculation of the student's grade in Schoology; from a calculation standpoint, using exceptions is the same as leaving the cell blank.

If you use exception icons in Schoology, you will need to select Exclude missing scores from average in your eSchoolPlus TAC in order for the overall grade calculations to match between the Schoology and eSchoolPlus gradebooks.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you notice that your overall grades in your Schoology Gradebook do not match the overall grades in your eSchoolPlus Gradebook, first try manually syncing each item in your Schoology eSchoolPlus app in your course.

To manually sync an item, click eSchoolPlus on the left side of your Schoology course. Then, click Sync next to each item.

If the sync is successful, you will see a green checkmark.

If the sync is not successful, you will see a red exclamation point. Hover your mouse over the exclamation point to see more information about the cause of the issue.

Common Error Messages and Solutions

Error message: This assignment belongs to a category that is not mapped

  • Solution: Adjust your mapping or create a new grading category on the Configuration page of your Teacher App.

Error message: An error occurred while trying to update the assignment in eSchoolPlus. Contact our Support team for assistance.

  • Solution: The assignment was edited from the eSchoolPlus Gradebook instead of Schoology, and the sync has been broken for this assignment. To resolve this, clear all grades in your eSchoolPlus Gradebook and delete the item from your eSchoolPlus Gradebook. Then, open the eSchoolPlus App in Schoology again and re-sync the item.

Error message: The assignment could not be created. Please make sure the assignment due date is within your eSchoolPlus marking period for the section.

  • Solution: This means the due date on the assignment in Schoology falls outside the grading period for this course in eSchool, OR this day is marked as a holiday or no school in eSchool. Adjust the due date in Schoology and then re-sync.
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