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eSchoolPlus Integration: Admin Provisioning App (Enterprise)

Schoology has developed a Student Information System (SIS) integration platform that enables Schoology to integrate with any SIS that provides a web services API. The integration provides a seamless method for keeping Schoology populated with users, courses, school, and enrollment data. It also provides the ability for Schoology to transfer grade and assignment data into eSchoolPlus, with the ability to configure grade settings to ensure grade calculations match between both systems. The integration app can be installed on School Admins accounts (for use in provisioning user, course, school, and enrollment data) and also installed into Courses (for use in allowing teachers to sync grades).

eSchoolPlus version 3.0 or higher is required in order to use the Schoology eSchoolPlus app to provision your users, courses, and enrollments.

The eSchoolPlus app, when installed for School Admins, will be used to map and customize how the integration will work. This app will need to be set up for Schools/Districts before data syncing can begin.

Review the visual representation of the data flow between Schoology and eSchoolPlus.

Before getting started with the Schoology and eSchoolPlus integration, you will need access to the eSchoolPlus API.


Admins will first need to obtain their API credentials from eSchoolPlus before they can begin the setup process. This includes information on eSchoolPlus Domain, Site Code, Login Name, and Password.

When you launch the Admin App, you will be brought to the configuration area where you can enter your API credentials to connect to eSchoolPlus, and also adjust data syncing options between eSchoolPlus and Schoology.

eSchoolPlus Sync Timing Options

Use eSchoolPlus Sync Timing Options to:

  1. Choose whether the sync between eSchoolPlus and Schoology is manual or scheduled, and set the frequency of the sync.
  • Manual: The Acting User must manually sync the eSchoolPlus app in Schoology.
  • Scheduled: Select Daily and the time range from the dropdown menu as the frequency of the scheduled sync. This setting automatically provisions users, courses, sections, and enrollment from eSchoolPlus into Schoology at the designated time. You may also navigate to the respective tabs in the app and manually sync users, courses, or sections and enrollment at any time.

    The date and time scheduled for the eSchoolPlus sync is the time your data will be added to the queue, not the time the sync will be completed. For example, if you select 12 am - 3 am, that job will be queued at 12am, and then will execute once the jobs get to the top of the queue.

  • Save Sync Options to save your settings. You can also change the settings at any time by re-saving the sync options.

    Changing the time of your scheduled sync or initiating a manual sync resets the window of time until the next sync. For example, pushing a manual sync of Users at 2 pm on Monday causes the scheduled sync to wait 24 hours after the manual sync plus the time to the configured scheduled sync (e.g. 12a-3a). Therefore, the next scheduled sync of all data would occur on Wednesday after 12am. This one-day grace period prevents any issues with overlapping syncs of the same provisioning data.

Schoology Acting User

To make any changes to the eSchoolPlus app, you must be the Acting User for the app and a Schoology System Administrator for your organization. The Acting User sees the following message displayed in the Schoology Acting User area.

If you don't see this message, click the button to make yourself the Acting User for your account.


In the Schools tab, you can map eSchoolPlus Schools to the appropriate Schoology School/Building. This allows you to decide from which schools you want to sync data.


In the Terms tab, you can map the eSchoolPlus terms to the appropriate Schoology Grading Periods. If you do not have grading periods set up in Schoology, you can use the app to create new grading periods and map them to eSchoolPlus terms within the app.

To create new Grading Periods and map them to terms in the app:

  1. Click Add to the right of the appropriate term to create a new Grading Period in Schoology.
  2. Click Refresh Data to update the new Grading Period.
  3. Map the grading period to the term by clicking the drop-down menu to the right of the eSchoolPlus term.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Data Prep

It is highly recommended that you work with your Schoology representative on the data prep process. This step is used to sync eSchoolPlus data with any existing users, courses, or sections in Schoology to ensure that no duplicates are created upon syncing for the first time.


In the Users tab, you can select from which buildings to sync users.

  1. Select the checkbox to the left of the school name.
  2. Map the Student role in eSchoolPlus to a role in Schoology. Most schools select the Student role in Schoology as well.
  3. Map the Teacher role in eSchoolPlus to a Faculty role in Schoology.
  4. Map the Guardian role in eSchoolPlus to the Parent role in Schoology. If you already have Guardian-Student associations in eSchoolPlus, these associations are not included in the sync and the Parent accounts will not be automatically associated with their children in Schoology. You may manually import the associations via a CSV or XLS file in Schoology or distribute parent access codes instead of syncing parent accounts.
  5. If you do not want to provision certain roles into Schoology, you can select Do Not Sync.
  6. Once you've mapped the roles for each of the school buildings, click Sync Users to begin your first user sync with eSchoolPlus. This button also allows you to manually sync users at any time.

    • Once users are created in Schoology by the sync, any updates to their account information must be made in eSchoolPlus. However, user accounts cannot be deleted in Schoology by deleting the account in eSchoolPlus. If a user leaves your organization, you will need to remove their account in both systems.
    • Passwords are not included in the sync. Schoology auto-generates passwords for all users created from the sync. You can view and export passwords in Manage Users. These passwords can be used for login for any organization not using Single Sign-On. If required, school-issued passwords can be imported via a manual User Import.


In the Courses tab, you can select from which buildings to sync courses.

Once courses are created in Schoology by the sync, any updates to course information must be made in eSchoolPlus. However, courses cannot be deleted in Schoology by deleting the course in eSchoolPLUS; you will need to delete the course in both systems.


In the Sections tab, you can select from which buildings to sync course sections.


In the Logs tab, you will have access to see a log of all of the sync activities that the app performs. This will let you check on the status of the syncs and help you troubleshoot any errors.

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