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OneNote Class Notebook App Administrator Guide

Schoology’s integration with OneNote Class Notebook provides instructors and students with an easy way to create, access, and collaborate using OneNote.

This integration includes the following features:

  • Set up a personal workspace for every student.
  • Instructors can create a notebook within their course or group in Schoology.
  • Create a content library for handouts.
  • Access a collaboration space for lessons and activities.
  • Student work and instructor feedback are exchanged automatically all in one place.

This article covers the workflow for installing the OneNote Class Notebook app. 

Install the OneNote Class Notebook App for a School

If you're the System Administrator of your school or organization (Enterprise), you can install the OneNote Class Notebook LTI app to all courses or groups in your organization from the Schoology App Center.

Administrators are required to register Schoology with OneNote to obtain credentials and complete the installation at the district level. Once credentials are entered, system administrators can continue to install the app for all courses and/or groups in their organization.

  1. Click the App Center icon in the header, then click App Center.
  2. Locate the OneNote Class Notebook app and click the title. 
  3. Click Install LTI App.
  4.  Click I Agree to the terms to continue with the installation.
  5. Select the option to Add to Organization. You can also install the app for specific school buildings.

  6. You will be directed to Organization Apps to continue the installation.
  7. Click Configure to the right of the app title.
  8. Enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret for your organization. 
  9. Click Save Settings.
  10. You will be directed back to Organization Apps. Click Install/Remove to install for all courses and/or groups in your organization.
  11. Select the option to install the app to All Courses and/or All Groups, if desired.
  12. Click Submit.
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