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Schoology Learning Release Notes: August 2022

New Features and Enhancements

Feature or Product AreaDescription

District Admins are now able to control permissions to generate new API Keys

District Admins are now able to control permissions to generate new API Keys with the new Create New API Keys permission.   This new permission is disabled by default, which will allow the District Admin to grant that permission to the needed user roles. Any users that already have API keys generated will not see any impact to that existing API key, but will now be able to revoke those API keys. District Admins will be able to access all users that have generated an API key via a new API column added to the existing Manage Users report on the Manage Users tab in User Management.

Student Annotations available on Schoology iOS and Android mobile application

Users will have access to the Student Annotation functionality on both iOS and Android applications. Teachers will be able to create Annotation type assignments from the mobile applications and students would be able to annotate assignments with all the Draw and Type options available on the web version.

Import Google Classroom Content Using a New Schoology Application

Using the new application available under the Schoology App Center, teachers can import their Google Classroom content over to Schoology. Teachers no longer have to manually recreate material they had previously used in Google Classroom nor do they need to invest time, and money to engage with multiple teams to move content to Schoology from Google Classroom​. The new tool is completely self-service and automated and can be run at the teacher’s convenience as and when required.​ Using this tool, teachers can have the same experience as with Google Classroom on Schoology along with the benefit of the PowerSchool suite of products​.

Access Content from Horizon Education in Schoology

Schoology users can now access content from Horizon Education within Schoology through College Readiness Assessments. These assessments provide prep material to students preparing for exams like the SAT, ACT, etc.

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