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Schoology Learning Release Notes: July 2022

New Features and Enhancements

Feature or Product AreaDescription

SCORM Server Update

Schoology is upgrading our SCORM server on Friday, July 22.

Schoology currently uses a legacy version of the SCORM server and we are upgrading to a new server to improve security and resolve known defects. 

Any school districts that are currently using SCORM packages in their courses will need to do one of the following after the upgrade takes place:

  • If a SCORM package was copied into a course before July 22, 2022, the SCORM package will need to be copied again from resources into all impacted courses after Friday, July 22, 2022.
  • For all SCORM packages loaded to courses after Friday, July 22, 2022, no additional steps are needed. 

Any SCORM packages added to courses before July 22, 2022, that are not copied to the course again after that date, may not launch correctly after Friday, September 16, 2022.

  • If this occurs, the user will still be able to copy the SCORM package from resources into all impacted courses for the SCORM package to launch as needed. 

Student Annotations are Now Generally Available for All School Districts

Students are now able to submit annotations to an attachment (PDF, image, document, etc.) as part of an assignment. Teachers can view and respond to student annotations when they review the student submission.‚Äč This new functionality enables teachers to get more complex interactions from students through assignment submissions, expanding the opportunities for students to express their growth in learning.

This functionality is now generally available for use in both secondary and elementary-themed courses on the website. This functionality will be made available in the Schoology app in an upcoming release.

Follett Aspen is Available in SIS Connect

Follett Aspen SIS is now available in SIS Connect. Please reach out to your Schoology representative if you are interested in using this integration.

Teachers are Now Able to Disable Microsoft Immersive Reader at the Course-Level

For any school districts that have Microsoft Immersive Reader enabled at the district level, teachers can now disable or enable that functionality at the course level. Teachers will see a new checkbox option named Disable Immersive Reader added to the Edit Settings page - Privacy / Course Settings tab. The checkbox is unchecked by default and the teacher can check that option to disable Microsoft Immersive Reader within that course. 

Extended Support for Infinite Campus Grading Tasks

You can now add grading tasks to gradable Discussions, External Tools, and SCORM packages.

Text-to-Speech Toolbar Version Updated

The Text-to-Speech toolbar used in AMP and Course Assessments has been updated to version 3. This version gives our users access to new functionality such as:

  • Single Word Dictionary

  • Picture Dictionary

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