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Schoology Learning Release Notes: May 2022

Infinite Campus App

Schoology now supports the Infinite Campus unique mapping concept known as Grading Tasks. In the Infinite Campus app, all gradable materials can be mapped not only to an intra-course category (grading categories we traditionally support in Schoology) but also to inter-course categories that feed summary grade calculations throughout the year.

  • New pull from SIS to populate grading task categories in Schoology
  • A new way to select grading tasks and align them to an assignment
  • Sync grading task alignment during grade sync
  • Bonus: Support for passing back grades in cross-listed sections

District Mastery

Improvements have been added for all District Mastery customers, including:

  • Support for an uneven hierarchy of objectives.
  • Associating grading scales to individual learning objectives.
  • Allowing districts to customize the range for points scales used with District Mastery. 
  • Allowing districts to utilize percentage scales with District Mastery.
  • Providing better mastery review options for Students and Parents.
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