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Schoology Release Notes: August 2018

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New Features and Updates

Badges on the iOS app

  • Badges are now available on version 5.3.0 of the Schoology iOS app.
  • Engage your students by awarding them badges for their achievements. When students are awarded badges, they will receive notifications and be able to see their earned badges on their iOS device.
  • Learn more in our Help Center article.

Above: Badges on a student profile viewed on an iPhone 7. Below: Badges on a student profile viewed on an iPad.

Reordering Courses and Groups in the new Schoology Experience

  • For those using the new Schoology Experience, we’ve added the ability to reorder the list of courses and groups that appear in the drop-down menus.
  • Courses can be reordered from the My Courses view as well as from the Course Dashboard.
  • Groups can be reordered from the My Groups view: 

Alert when creating Course Materials with Due Date outside Grading Period

  • To improve the experience for instructors authoring course materials, we’ve implemented an alert message when the designated Due Date falls outside the dates of the associated Grading Period for a graded material.
  • This reminder helps teachers building course content across multiple grading terms ensure items are aligned to the correct grading periods for successful grade calculation.
  • Learn more in our Help Center article.

Distractor Rationale in Assessment Reports (AMP only)

  • Displaying the distractor rationale for multiple choice responses in the AMP Item Analysis report and the AMP Item Analysis CSV export.
  • Distractor rationales provide explanations for why students may have answered questions incorrectly. Assessment authors can add distractor rationales while building Multiple Choice questions in AMP. Many professionally-authored questions, including content from the KDS Inspect Item Bank, also include these rationales.
  • By adding visibility into this information, the AMP item analysis report provides greater insight into student learning.

Bug Fixes & Other improvements:

  • Improved performance of webviews used for displaying web content within the iOS app.
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