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Schoology Release Notes: August 2020

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New Features & Updates

Getting Started Guides for New Users

  • We added help guides for new users to walk through key features in their Schoology account.
  • The guides are available for faculty, students, and parents that are new to Schoology.
  • The guides include links to useful Help Center articles to further support newcomers to Schoology with resources on how to use the platform.

Google Assignments App by Google

  • We added a new Google Assignments LTI app from Google.
  • The app has the latest Google Assignment features, including grading with Google's new assignments interface, the Google Drive file sharing and trust school domains control feature, an enhanced content selector, and Google's originality report checker.
  • This app can be used as an alternative to the existing Google Drive Assignments App from Schoology.
  • Learn more:

Google Drive App by Google

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with SIS provisioning apps that prevented new provisioning rules from being added. System administrators can now add provisioning rules to SIS provisioning apps.
  • We fixed an issue with SIS provisioning apps that prevented enrollments from being updated based on rules with section name criteria. Enrollments are now updated according to section name criteria.
  • We fixed an issue with the text to speech reader that read ARIA labels incorrectly on math characters in assessments. The text to speech reader now reads ARIA labels correctly on math characters.
  • We fixed an issue with the Generate Report button under the Rules tab in the Infinite Campus and Skyward apps that prevented system administrators from generating a report. System administrators may now generate a Rules report.
  • We fixed an issue with updates posted in linked courses that prevented the update from being displayed in the child sections. Updates posted in linked courses are now displayed in all sections.
  • We fixed an issue with deleted course sections that caused an error when users attempted to restore them. Users may now successfully restore deleted course sections.
  • We fixed an issue with materials containing a rubric that produced a blank rubric when importing the material from resources to another course. Materials containing rubrics can now be successfully copied to another course from Resources.
  • We fixed an issue with the Auto-Import status logs that displayed an error when system administrators attempted to access it. Administrators may now access the Auto-Import status log without errors.
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