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Schoology Release Notes: December 2019

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New Features & Updates

District Mastery: Multiple Submission Tracking

  • Tests in Schoology can be configured to allow students to submit multiple attempts. For Test/Quizzes and Course Assessments, instructors can set the number of submissions and select which submission score is used in the gradebook (highest score, last score, average score, etc.)
  • We've built this into the Standards-Based Gradebook; the student's learning objective score for the test will respect the setting configured by the instructor at the material level.
  • This allows instructors to control which submission is used in the District Mastery calculation when multiple submissions are enabled for a test.
  • Learn more: Standards-Based Gradebook - Instructors

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with the SIS Connect app that prevented multiple grading periods from being mapped to terms. System Administrators can now save multiple grading periods to terms within the SIS Connect app.
  • We fixed an issue with assessment submission scoring that left submissions in a “Scores Pending” status. Assessment scores are now processed and a "Completed" status is displayed.
  • We fixed an issue with links attached to updates that resulted in a “Private Access Only” message. Updates containing links are now accessible and do not result in a private access only message.
  • We fixed an issue with uploaded answer sheets that prevented scores from being processed. Scores for uploaded answer sheets are now processed successfully.
  • We fixed an issue with the AMP Shared Passage Excerpt Rich-Text-Editor box that resulted in formatting not being saved. Formatting in the AMP Shared Passage Excerpt RTE box is now successfully retained.
  • We fixed an issue with course updates in linked sections that prevented students from accessing them. Updates in linked course sections are now accessible to students.
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