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Schoology Release Notes: February 2018

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New Features

Auto-Import of Demographics (AMP only)

  • We've added support to allow AMP customers to auto-import their demographic attributes, so updates happen seamlessly.
  • This will allow AMP users to automatically import student demographic data to enable AMP analytic reports of student subgroup performance.
  • See updates in our article on Student Demographics here.

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • As of February 28, blog posts no longer show up in the Recent Activity Feed. Through our analytics, we found the best experience for our users is to take blogs out of the activity feed, where active discussions take place.You can still access blogs via the author's user profile as well as the Subscriptions area of the homepage. You can learn more about accessing blogs here.

  • In our ongoing efforts to improve and support accessibility across the platform, we updated the color contrast on the buttons that appear to students when a course assessment or managed assessment requires Respondus LockDown browser.

  • Instructors were unable to view student submissions to Google Drive and OneDrive Assignments  in archived sections. Now, student submissions are visible to instructors with access to past sections.
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