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Schoology Release Notes: January 2020

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New Features & Updates

New Course Analytics: Student Detail Report

  • The new Course Analytics system makes it easier for instructors to understand how their students are using Schoology within their classroom.
  • We added the Student Detail Report that displays additional student data captured after August 1, 2019 on individual student access within a course.
  • Instructors can view usage data on individual course members from the dashboard for specific course materials.
  • This update helps instructors understand how their students are using Schoology within their classroom, what materials they are accessing, and their submission activity.
  • Learn more: New Course Analytics

Expand Group Notifications

  • We made it easier to customize your notifications by allowing you to configure notifications for group activities in bulk or custom set for groups you’re enrolled in.
  • We've expanded the notifications option and separated it into School Groups (groups created by your school district or organization) and Public Groups (open groups created by Schoology). This way, you can easily set different notification preferences for school groups and public groups.
  • Learn more: Personal Account: Notifications

District Mastery: Learning Objective Display Order

  • For customers with the new District Mastery enabled, the District Objective Library contains all of your district’s learning objectives and parent objectives. Your district objectives will appear in a default order based on the import file.
  • We added the ability to change the order in which the folders and learning objectives appear within each level of the District Objectives library hierarchy.
  • If you need to make changes after the initial import of your District Objectives, System Admins will have the ability to drag-and-drop objectives into their desired order that makes it easier for teachers to navigate to the objectives when aligning materials.
  • Learn more: District Objective Library Management

Building-Level Apps - Limited Availability

  • System Administrators can now install LTI apps at the district level for educators and students to access them directly in Schoology.
  • Any districts using LTI apps that require licenses per school building may now install and configure the app for each required building.
  • The building-level credentials will override any preset credentials from the district.
  • This feature is in Limited Availability. If you’re a System Administrator and interested in configuring LTI apps at the building level, reach out to your Schoology representative.
  • Learn more: App Center: Configuring Apps at the Building Level

AMP: Student Growth Report

  • The Compare Assessments tool allows educators to understand performance over time and across schools to assess whether district and school efforts have been effective at increasing student knowledge and understanding.
  • We added the ability for Instructors and Administrators with AMP access to see individual student performance on multiple managed assessments.
  • Learn more: Assessment Reports: Compare Assessments (AMP)

AMP Data Access Tool

  • Educators can export managed assessment reports analyzing students' results by item level; merged items; overall results, and mastery results.
  • The reports enable educators to evaluate how students are learning and to pinpoint students who may need additional attention.
  • We added the ability for System Administrators to schedule exports of these managed assessment reports.
  • Learn more: AMP Data Access Tool Auto Export Managed Assessment Reports

Mobile Support: iOS 13 & Android 10

  • Schoology has a policy of supporting the latest 3 versions of iOS, and the last 5 versions of Android on the Schoology mobile apps.
  • We added support for iOS 13 and Android 10.
  • To take advantage of all Schoology features, we strongly recommend that iOS and Android users upgrade to the latest version.

Remove Gender Option from User Profile

  • Student Information Systems hold gender data which may be synced to Schoology.
  • We removed the gender option from user profile. Organizations may still sync gender data but gender is no longer a visible field on all user profiles, and it cannot be edited.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with the HTML5 audio/video recorder that prevented instructors from leaving feedback on assignment submissions. Instructors can now record and post audio/video feedback on assignments submissions.
  • We fixed an issue with the My Children view on the mobile app that prevented parents from accessing child courses and groups directly from the navigation header. Parents can now navigate to their child’s courses and groups from the navigation header on the mobile app.
  • We fixed an issue with School Analytics exports that prevented some districts with a large number of buildings from exporting data. Districts can now export analytics data successfully.
  • We fixed an issue with managed assessments that prevented instructors from inserting images in the instructions and text boxes. Instructors can now insert images successfully in managed assessments.
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