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Schoology Release Notes: June 2017

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Advanced Tools in the Student Assessment Experience (AMP only)

  • We added advanced tools to managed assessments that enable students to access built-in math tools (calculator, ruler, protractor), in addition to the existing flag-for-review and answer-eliminator tools.
  • Learn more about these tools here.

Text Highlighting for Shared Passages (AMP only)

  • This tool enables students to highlight text in Shared Passages to help guide them as they read and respond to questions.
  • Highlighting is an essential tool for finding and marking key textual information. Paired with our Shared Passage feature, students will be able to mark the important parts of what they have read in order to better answer questions about the text.

Ability to Move Sections to Different Courses (API Support)

  • We added support in our API to control the ability to move existing sections from one course to another.
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