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Schoology Release Notes: October 2018

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New Features and Updates

Feature Options (Enterprise Only)

  • We’ve added a new page to the School Management area called Feature Options.
  • Enterprise System Administrators who manage the top-level district settings for their organization can use this page to enable optional features, such as Section Override Roles, Course Assessments with enhanced question types, and the new Schoology experience.
  • Learn more about Feature Options.

Improved Item Analysis Report (AMP only)

  • We've updated the export experience to make it easier for users to customize their exports as well as the status of the export.
  • This update introduces a new experience including new components that we'll be using in AMP reports in the future.
  • Learn more in our Help Center article: Assessment Reports: Exporting Student Results by Item

Coming up in November!

Deprecation of Support for iOS 9

Full Migration to New Schoology Experience

  • As announced in our July 2018 Release Noteswe’ve updated our interface and workflows to make Schoology even easier to use, more accessible, and offer a more modern experience.
  • In June, we gave everyone the option to turn on the New Experience in their accounts. We’ll be moving all customers to the new experience on November 19th.
  • We’ve updated our Help Center to reflect the new experience, and we’ve built these articles to support this transition:
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