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Schoology Release Notes: October 2021

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New Features & Updates

Elementary Experience

  • We made the following improvements to the Enhanced Elementary Experience on mobile:
    • Photo, Audio, Video, and Upload assignment submission formats are now supported on Android.
    • The Photo and Video assignment submission type are now available on all iOS devices.
    • Students will be prompted to allow access to the camera, microphone, and files when they access Elementary-themed courses instead of on each assignment submission type.
    • For photo/video submissions, students will now use their device's camera, which allows the use of both front and back camera. Students can also preview their photo or video submissions and opt to retake if necessary.
    • For photo/video submissions, students now have an additional option to select an existing photo, video, or file on their device.
    • The Upload submission type now includes the option to take a photo or video directly from the camera, in addition to selecting a file on your device.
  • The rich text editor for folder and material descriptions is now supported. Any formatting that teachers include in descriptions is now displayed in the Enhanced Elementary Experience. This update is particularly useful for teachers that use theming and formats in their courses.
  • Learn more:

Course and Group Updates - Images

  • We added the ability to insert images to course and group updates.
  • Images can now be displayed inline with an update instead of an attachment.
  • Learn more: Course Updates

Cross-Listing Improvements

Aeries Enrollments Provisioning

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with Standards Grade Passback that prevented teachers from creating new course materials and accessing the gradebook and Mastery.
  • We fixed an issue with course assessments that caused existing grades to be replaced with a NaN value.
  • We fixed an issue with calendar .ics file imports that prevented events from displaying in linked course sections.
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