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Schoology Release Notes: September 2021

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New Features & Updates

PowerSchool Special Programs Alerts and Student Documents

  • We added the ability for system administrators and instructors to review student educational plans, accommodations, and documents from PowerSchool Special Programs all within Schoology Learning.
  • This feature significantly reduces instructors’ time in switching between Schoology Learning and Special Programs to learn more about each student’s educational plan and helps to better determine which materials should be assigned to students based on those needs.
  • Learn more: Viewing PowerSchool Special Programs Alerts and Student Documents in Schoology Learning

Elementary Experience: View Course As

Auto-Import Enhancements

Security Update from Google: File Sharing

  • Google released a security update recently that makes sharing Google Drive files more secure. This update does not change how you use any of the apps for Google integrations available in Schoology Learning. Educators and students can continue to use Google-related apps to share files in Schoology Learning as normal.
  • However, any files, folders, and shared drives that were shared prior to September 13, 2021 may be impacted by the security change. It is recommended those items be re-shared to users if they have not previously accessed them.
  • Learn more: Google Security Update: File Sharing

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with sharing PDF files from Resources to the Notability app that prevented files without the PDF extension in the title from being displayed.
  • We fixed an issue with bulk creating calendar events in courses and groups that caused the event time to be staggered instead of recurring.
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