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SIS Grade Passback: Selectively Sync Graded Items to your SIS Gradebook

If your Enterprise organization passes grades back to your SIS with one of the course-level SIS apps (Aeries, eSchoolPlus, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, Skyward, or SIS Connect), there is a material-level setting to sync each graded material to the SIS gradebook. Enabled by default, teachers can un-check the option if they wish to stop an item from syncing. As instructors build and edit materials in Schoology courses, this option provides more granular control over which graded materials sync to the SIS gradebook.

Sync to SIS Option

By default, materials are marked to sync to the SIS. While creating or editing materials in Schoology, instructors have the option to un-check the Sync to SIS box to exclude that material in sync with your SIS.

This option can be edited while creating the item or any time you edit the material. To edit this setting for a graded material:

  1. Click the gear icon for the material you wish to edit.
  2. Select Edit from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the edit window, click Grading Options.
  4. Click the box to un-check Sync to SIS.
  5. Click Save Changes to complete.

The Sync to SIS option is also configurable from the Bulk Edit view of the Schoology gradebook.

Whenever the Sync to SIS option is unchecked, the item is excluded from syncing to your SIS gradebook. In other words, when you use the One-Click Sync to your SIS from the Schoology gradebook or the SIS app, no changes to that material are sent to the SIS gradebook.

You can sync and view the status of graded items from the Sync Grades tab within the SIS app. The column on the left displays the title of the graded item. The columns in the middle display the timestamp of the last successful sync and the status of the sync. The items you excluded by un-checking the Sync to SIS option display a status of Opted Out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have already synced the item to my gradebook, then I disable the Sync to SIS option?

Once the Sync to SIS option is disabled for an item, all future updates to that item will not be sent to the corresponding column in the SIS gradebook. If you want to remove/delete the item from the SIS gradebook, you must do this on the SIS side.

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