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Support Contacts (Enterprise)

What Is a Support Contact?

Support Contacts are designated members in your organization or institution whose role is to relay questions, concerns, or ideas from their members to the Schoology Community or Schoology Support Team.  Support Contact names are listed when members of your organization click Support at the bottom of any page throughout Schoology. Additionally, the support contacts in Enterprise accounts have access to dedicated support from the Schoology Support Team, which they can access from the same location.

Who is eligible to be a Support Contact?

A user can be designated as a Support Contact if:

  • His or her main school is the organization building. 
  • He or she is associated with a faculty role with the Administer School permission enabled.

These can be edited by a System Administrator in the School Management area under Support Contacts.

A System Administrator can manage the organization's Support Contact list with the following steps:

School Management page with click path defined.

  1. Click Tools at the top of Schoology.
  2. Select School Management.
  3. Click Support Contacts on the left.
  4. Click the Select contacts button.
  5. Select up to three (3) System Admin users in the list. To deselect users, click their names.
  6. Click Submit to complete the process.
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