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Turnitin LTI App: Adopting the Turnitin LTI App for Current API Integration Users

Turnitin is a plagiarism-prevention tool you can use to check student work for unoriginal content. Beginning January 1, 2017, the legacy Turnitin API integration in Schoology is no longer available. If your school has a Turnitin license, you must configure it with the new Turnitin LTI app in your school's Schoology Enterprise account. For this reason, Schoology highly recommends that organizations using the legacy API integration transition to the new app version of the tool.

Users in your organization who need to access previously created content in Turnitin must do so using the same email address that was used when the account was initially set. If you have plans to change the email format for users in your organization, contact Turnitin directly for assistance.

Content from the legacy Turnitin API app is not transferred to the new Turnitin LTI app. We recommend making the transition at the end of the semester or school year.

Learn more about using the Turnitin LTI App.

Uninstall the Turnitin API Integration

  1. Hover over the Turnitin icon in the navigation menu of your Home page or course or group.
  2. Click the X that displays.

Uninstall from the App Center

  1. Click App Center in the header.
  2. Click Organization Apps.
  3. Find Turnitin in the list of apps.
  4. Click Install/Remove.
  5. Deselect all the Courses (and Home page) in which you have the app installed.
  6. Click Submit.

Install the Turnitin LTI App

  1. Click App Center in the header.
  2. Find Turnitin in the list of apps.
  3. Click Install LTI app.
    Click I Agree to continue with the installation.
  4. Click Add to Organization to install for your district or Install for Me if you wish to install for your account only.
  5. Under Organization Apps, click Configure next to the Turnitin LTI app.
  6. Enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret. These credentials are provided by Turnitin upon purchasing the license.
  7. Click Save Settings.
  8. Under Organization Apps, click Install/Remove next to the Turnitin LTI app.
  9. Check All Courses. Additionally, check Course admins only if you only wish for instructors to have access to Turnitin within a course.
  10. Click Submit to confirm changes.
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