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User Management: Create Users (Enterprise)

You can manually create up to ten users at a time from Create Users within User Management.


If there is more than one school in your Schoology account (e.g. Schoology District, Schoology High School, Schoology Middle School), you'll see a field for School, into which you may add users. If you have multiple Schools, this field is required. If you do not see this field in your Create Users area, you may ignore this section. The school building designated in this field will enroll users in the form into the selected school.


The role designated in this field will associate users in the form of the selected role. If you have an Enterprise account, you can add additional roles to your school. A role is required with creating new users.

Email Conflicts

User accounts with email addresses must have an email address unique across the entire Schoology platform. For example, if exists in School 1, this same email address cannot be associated with a user account in School 2.

In the case that a user has created an account using an email address listed in your file, you must decide how you'd like Schoology to handle account creation. This field is required when creating user accounts.

  • Don't allow duplicates- If already exists in the system (either at your school or as an individual account), selecting this option will not create another account in Schoology.
  • Create an account with Username- If already exists in the system (either at your school or at another school), selecting this option will create an account with the email prefix, "john" as the username. If your XLS or CSV file already specifies a username (e.g. johnsmith), an account will be created using the specified username.

Fill Out the Form

Enter the required information into the empty fields. You may enter either a username or an email address. You may also enter both a username and an email address.

Send Login Info

Selecting this option will send login instructions to users created with an email address.

Create Users

Click this button to complete the user creation process.

To create users through a CSV or XLS file, you can also use the Import area located in the left menu of your Home page.

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