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Using Turnitin as an LTI Tool

If your school has a Turnitin LTI license, you can opt to configure Turnitin as an LTI tool in your school's Schoology Enterprise account. The Turnitin LTI tool supports the Turnitin Originality Report and GradeMark capabilities and allows you to enable many of the Turnitin features directly from the item in your Schoology course.

System-Level Installation and Configuration (System Admins)

As the System Admin, you can install Turnitin at the system level and configure it with your school's licensing information as provided by Turnitin so that the LTI tools will be configured and available to your instructors in their Schoology courses.

  1. Click Tools.
  2. Select School Management.
  3. Click Integration.
  4. Click External Tools.
  5. Click +Add External Tool Provider.
  6. Fill out the form with your licensing information:
    • Tool Name: Enter the name as you want it to display to your instructors. If you are adding multiple licenses, label each tool clearly - High School Turnitin, Middle School Turnitin, or English Department Turnitin and Political Science Department Turnitin, for example.
    • Consumer Key: Enter your organization's Turnitin consumer key.
    • Shared Secret: Enter your organization's Turnitin shared secret.
    • Privacy: The amount of user information you want to send to Turnitin from Schoology.
    • Configuration Type: Select Manual.
    • Match By: Select URL.
    • Domain/URL: Enter your organization's Turnitin Configuration URL. A unique Domain/URL is required for each building where Turnitin is being installed. Reach out to Turnitin for the Domain/URL information.

    • Choose the URL based on your location:
      • users:
      • TurnitinUK users only:
      • Custom Parameters: N/A

Accessing System-Level External Tools (Instructors)

Once the System Admin has completed the steps above in System-Level Installation and Configuration, the Turnitin external tool will be automatically populated into the External Tool area of each course. Course Admins Instructors can access this area of their course by clicking Course Options below the profile photo and then selecting External Tool Providers.

Here, instructors will see a list of the external tools available to them.

If the System Admin has already installed and configured Turnitin at the system level, skip to Creating Turnitin Materials in Your Schoology Course.

Install External Tools to Courses (Instructors)

Instructors have the option to install External Tools at the course level as long as the necessary licensing information from Turnitin has been made available to them. This alternative approach would not require a System Administrator to first install and configure Turnitin at the system level.

Instructors can install Turnitin at the course level:

  1. Click Course Options below the profile photo.
  2. Choose External Tool Providers.
  3. Click Add an External Tool Provider.
  4. Fill out the form with your licensing information:
    • Tool Name: Enter a title.
    • Consumer Key: Enter your Turnitin consumer key.
    • Shared Secret: Enter your Turnitin shared secret.
    • Privacy: Select Send Name and Email/ Username of the user who launches the tool.
    • Configuration Type: Select Manual.
    • Match by: Select URL.
    • Domain URL: Enter your organization's Turnitin URL.
    • Custom Parameters: N/A

Creating Turnitin Materials in Your Schoology Course

To add a new item to your course that you would like to sync with Turnitin, begin by clicking Add Materials then select Add File/Link/External Tool.

  1. Select External Tool.
  2. Select Turnitin LTI from the Tool Provider menu.
  3. Enter a Title as you would like it to display to your students.
  4. Check Enable Grading. Then configure grade the following grade settings:
    • Points
    • Due Date
    • Category
    • Scale
    • Period
  5. Click Submit.

Configuring Turnitin Settings

Once you have added the External Tool to your Materials page, click the item title to open the tool and configure the item's Turnitin settings.

When you open the item, you have the option to toggle into the Assignment Inbox or the Settings tab. Click Settings to configure the Turnitin settings.

  1. Title: This is the title you entered while adding the external tool to your Materials page.
  2. Instructions: Add any instructions you would like your students to follow when completing the assignment.
  3. Max Grade: The max grade value in this screen should match the Points field in the Create External Tool screen to ensure that the item is calculated in the same way in Schoology as it is in Turnitin.
  4. Start Date: This is the date when students can start making submissions to the item in Turnitin. This is the day on which the item was created in Schoology by default.
  5. Due Date: This is the date after which students can no longer make submissions.
  6. Feedback Release Date: This is the date when students can view grades and comments in GradeMark.
  7. Allow submission of any file type: This setting will allow any file type to be submitted.
  8. Optional Settings: Click Optional Settings to expand the Settings menu in order to see and enable additional settings.
The Title, Max Grade, and Due Date are automatically populated from the information provided when creating the item.

Optional Settings

Expand the Optional Settings to see and enable the additional functionality offered by the Turnitin LTI Tool.

Student Submissions

Students can make a submission by clicking the title of the external tool from the Materials page of their course which will launch the Turnitin Assignment Dashboard for the student. On this screen, they can click Upload Submission to make a submission.


Instructors can enter scores from within the Turnitin document viewer. Clicking away from the score field will save the grade. The grade entered in the top right corner of the Turnitin document viewer will update in the Assignment Inbox screen within the Turnitin external tool in your Schoology course as well as within the Schoology Gradebook.

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