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Using My Student Groups with Schoology

My Student Groups may not be available in all districts.

Creating My Student Groups

My Student Groups are managed in PowerTeacher Pro and Performance Matters. Refer to the product help space for instructions on creating and updating My Student Groups.

Using My Student Groups

To enable access to My Student Groups, contact your Schoology representative.

You can use My Student Groups to assign materials and folders to groups of students in your class. To assign materials or folders:

  1. Select Individually Assign from the material option gear.

  2. Enter the name of your My Student Group or scroll through the list to locate the group of your choice.

  3. After you have selected your group, all students within that group and section will be automatically added and displayed in the selection field preview along with the group label. You can then add more students or remove individual students from the material or folder.

  4. Click Save. The student count will display with the material.

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